Storyline File Won't Play in Chrome

Jun 12, 2018


We're using the latest Storyline 3 update (update 4: 3.4.15731.0).

When we try to play a HTML5 only output locally on Chrome [Version 67.0.3396.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)] we only get the screen with the spinning loading icon.

The same HTML5 only output CAN be played on Internet Explorer (IE11, version 11.0.9600.19002), after we enable ActiveX controls.

We know that several months ago there was an issue with playing Storyline 3 HTML5 content on Chrome, and according to discussions in the forum it should have been resolved by now. Or maybe it's a brand new issue...?

We would appreciate your guidance.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ron!

You may be running into security restrictions on your local computer that are preventing the output from playing locally.

Did you publish this content for Web or LMS?

  • If you published for Web, try hosting the output on a web server or on Tempshare.
  • If you published for LMS, try hosting the output on a LMS or on SCORM Cloud.

Let me know if you see a difference!

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