Storyline files published for web html5 will not play on iPad 2

I looked and tried to find something out there for this, but could not. I work for a retail organization and went out to a store yesterday to test mobile access of courses on the store's iPad 2. iPad 2 is the lowest common denominator device for all stores, some have better, but all have at least this. The courses would not play at all on the iPad 2. I did not include the option to make available offline and view through the Articulate Player, as I don't think this is the best option. If it is the only option for iPad2, then so be it.

The courses are being hosted on a SharePoint site which is our learning portal. I thoroughly tested the courses on an iPad Air and a Kindle Fire and they were thoroughly debugged before moved to the live site. Let me know what to do to make the courses available on iPad2 and newer. Thank you!

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Holly Robinson

Our learning portal does not have SCORM capability, so no, they were not tested in SCORM cloud. 

Is iOS7 and later a requirement to view the content? If so, I will need to communicate that to about 4,000 stores. I did use Safari on that one device but did not check the version as I wanted a baseline test on the lowest common denominator device, how it was provided to the store. Let me know, thanks! :)