Storyline font keeps changing back to standart one


Pardon my english it is not my native.

When i am working with layers in a slide and i want to add a text-box to that layer, the font automaticaly pops back from arial to the standart Articulate font.

When i create a text-box in my primary slide/layer it does not do that, and is just an arial font.

I created masterslides with Arial and also on the design tab i selected the Arial font to be primary.

Though it keeps changing the font of textboxes when i create a layer or duplicate an excisting layer

Does anyone have any ideas on this?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roos and welcome to Heroes! 

Have you set Arial up as your theme font? 

Additionally, if you're pasting text into a Storyline file, this is how it'll be handled:

  • When you paste text into an existing object, Storyline uses your theme font.
  • When you paste text without first selecting an object, Storyline creates a new text box and uses the source formatting, including font.