Storyline for high-dpi monitors on Windows 8.1

Jan 12, 2014

I have one of those laptops with very high resolution displays.  On windows 8.1, we typically want the elements to scale up to 125% or 150% to use the new scaling features of Windows 8.1 properly, otherwise at 1080P resolution you get very very small buttons and fonts all over the operating system.

I understand that Storyline requires 96DPI to be set (100%) which is a system wide change requiring everything else on my desktop to be small just to use Storyline.  I've tried setting the "compatibilty mode" or "ignore high dPI" settings but storyline just seems to ignore that.

Has anyone at articulate looked into a possible workaround to windows 8.1 on retina displays?  With more and more monitors being extremely dense in pixels, I can't fathom changing my entire desktop resolution each and every time i need to use Storyline as all other OS windows become very tiny.

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John Curran


It's now 2020 and we are on Storyline 360 (or Storyline 3). Does the code support display scaling on hi-dpi displays or not? If not PLEASE say so and give clear guidance on workrounds (e.g. reducing the screen resolution while using Storyline). Using Storyline 360 with display scaling turned on not only provides a blurry UI but also crashes when you use the Trigger Dialog on my new Surface Laptop.

Please put us all out of our misery.

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