Storyline for iPad without using Articulate app - HELP!

I built a course for a client using Storyline published for mobile use.  I've just learned that they do not want to use the Articulate mobile app - they are using something called Veeva instead.  The result is similar to what is documented on the Articulate Support site when trying to view content through Safari - freezing up, losing audio, all round bad performance.

They've asked me for the original "uncompressed javascript source code files."  YIKES!  Please help.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Shelly!

Really not sure about using Storyline with Veeva, and we won't be able to get them the uncompressed javascript source code files, but perhaps you could try testing your HTML5 output in Tempshare to see if it improves the performance of your course.

Or if you'd prefer, you can attach your .story file here and we could test it for you...

Let us know, Shelly