Storyline for Storyline?...

Hi, hope it's not a strange question, but is there some kind of Storyline-based tutorials that may help me with building better courses with Storyline? I'm familiar with the screen-cast tutorials and with the user guides, but am looking for something that deals with more advanced skills, and that is interactive and not passive like those tutorials. anything? Thank you 

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Dorit Gani

Thank you Leslie for quickly responding, and sorry for taking the time to reply. 

I am familiar and thankful for the tutorials you mentioned as well as the many instructions in the forums. What I was referring to was an interactive course (even a paid one) that is based on Storyline's interactions, triggers and states (In other words, a course in which I will not watch screen casts or read articles, but will be using storyline as a learner). Hope it's more clear now