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Hi!  I am working on building a free form response question where the student just gets a box and can type out what they think about something.  I'd love to be able to tell storyline to look for certain words in the answers and if the student includes that word in their answer they get credit for the question.  Is this possible? 


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Kim!

You sure can! After you insert the freeform text entry question, a new slide will be added to your story, and the Text Entry question editor will automatically open where you can define the acceptable answers.

Type the acceptable answers for the text entry question into the answer grid.  And if the acceptable answers are case-sensitive, be sure to mark the Answers are case sensitive check box in the lower right corner of the window.

Kim Perego

I tried this, and maybe my question wasn't specific enough.  Say I want to ask "What do you think about this?"  and possible correct answers include words like: 

  • good
  • great
  • creative
  • awesome
  • interesting
  • etc...

when I add those words in as correct answers and then try the question out, if I write "I think that this is awesome" it tells me the answer is wrong.  But it has the correct word in it.  Does Storyline have the capability to understand what I am trying to do?

Peter Anderson

Hey Kim

Thanks for clarifying what you're trying to do. I think picking keywords out of a sentence might be asking a little too much of Storyline in a scenario like that. The answers would need to be specific at this time. It would make an awesome feature request though. 

Would starting the sentence for the users be a possibility? Something like, "I think that this is ____", and then have them complete the sentence with a one-word answer? Maybe instructing them that the answer needs to be one word?