Storyline freezing on publishing!

Thinking of going back to using Studio '09 :(

Can't believe that all of a sudden today, Storyline is freezing on publishing any courses that are greater than about 5 simple slides. I've spent the last 5-6 days putting together a course that I need to submit this week as a 1st draft, and today Storyline freezes on slide 14 of 43 or 16 of 43 or 18 of 43 slides whenever I publish. It seems to get so far and then stops.

I do hope and pray that my work is not lost!

Anybody else experience freezing on publishing and perhaps know of a possible reason for it?

Many thanks.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Toward the end of the beta this came up for some of us but Articulate addressed the issue quickly in a later build.  I was getting the problem fairly often but have not seen it since.  Publishing has not failed for me once since the fix.

The only thing I have seen since is that sometimes publishing slows down depending on what else is going on with your PC.  If I have a lot of apps open, and many, many open browser window in Firefox, I've seen publishing slow down but not stop.  Exiting out of things I'm not using speeds up the publishing immediately.

Barry Galvin

Thanks chaps.

The problem has seemed to resolve itself. After leaving the computer for a while and making myself several teas, I came back to it, published to CD which worked, then published to Web and it worked. And has worked from then onwards. So really not sure why I had the several hours of freezing, even though I had turned off and on the laptop a number of times.

Gerry - you could well be right with the other apps running in the background and perhaps conflicting with the publishing process. I think I will do what I usually do when publishing from Presenter, and that is to shut all my active and non-active applications down beforehand, and then publish, just incase it is anything 'silly'. I have noticed though that whenever I have Microsoft Office Communicator opened I do tend to have more 'issues' with Articulate apps.

Anyway, thanks again for your responses and prayer answered for being able to publish my course