Storyline frozen while attempting to save changes to action fine t

I have been working a file and recently tried to perform action fine tuning. While saving these changes the progress bar has frozen halfway and has been like this for hours now. I had been saving my project but it seems that the existing file is not what I saved and I am about to lose a lot of work if this fine tuning freezes for good. 

Do you have any recommendations on how to recover this from the frozen state or a temp location of the story file that I could recover from? This is putting a major kink in a fast approaching deadline for me. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi April! Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty, and if that behavior continues I would advise that you submit a ticket for that. There is no temp file/auto-save functionality in Storyline.  You can see here some various opinions about that. I would advise that you just do CTRL-S often to save your work and if you are interested in some kind of auto-save functionality you can submit a feature request for that.

Chris Ammon

I'm having the same problem with the application freezing when I try to adjust the start or end frame with Action Fine Tuning. Interestingly I'm only having the problem on my big, fast imac running Parallels (latest version running Windows 7). I just put the trial of SL2 on my old, slow PC (also running Win 7) and I was able to adjust the starting frame with no issue. I wonder if the others having the issue are also using SL2 on a Mac via Parallels.

Chris Ammon

Thanks Ashley. I was hoping that was it, because I had forgotten those rules when I upgraded to Win 7 in Parallels, but no luck.  I was breaking both of those rules, but even now that I've set up my Parallels environment correctly SL2 freezes up with the progress bar half-full and the message "updating action movie for slide, "[slidename]". I just may have to make the tweaks on a PC until I figure it out.