Storyline functioning differently in different browsers

Hi Storyline community,

I have a question... I've got a Storyline course that looks completely normal in preview mode, plays completely normally in Microsoft Edge, and not at all when played in Chrome.

Here's a screencast showing the difference. 

The first browser is Chrome.. and you'll see that 1) when I hover over the left speech bubble, it jumps, and 2) there are 2 triangles coming off the bottom of the speech bubble.  I then repeat the process in Edge, and it functions perfectly.

Why is this, and how do I fix it?  I have clients using all different browsers.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rena,

Hopefully, Tara is still subscribed here and will be able to pop in and share an update with us.

I searched for a support case, but it doesn't appear that she reached out to our support team, so I do not have any additional information to share either.

In the meantime, if you'd like us to take a look, you are welcome to share your .story file as well.

Rena Maguire

Thanks, Leslie! I submitted a case on this issue (Case Number: 01581886), because it appears to be a bug. However, I'd love any advice available from the Storyline community, as this bug is holding up several time-sensitive projects. 


Here's a summary of my problem: Buttons that are created in Storyline using shapes (not the built-in buttons) are jumping to different positions when mouse hovers over, or after selecting. This only happens in the published version, not the preview. I have tested it on two different LMS, one of which is SCORM Cloud. Both times I used Chrome, which is what we recommend our clients use. I have two different projects that are affected. Both were published with the latest version of Articulate 360. This is extremely important to us, as it is holding up several projects now. 


I've attached the Storyline file and the published version. I've also included a screencast demonstrating the problem.


Thanks for reaching out!

John Ruiz

I had a similar (if not identical) problem where shapes (part of an interaction) were shifting on hover but only in Chrome. 

Those shapes didn't have a hover state so I thought maybe Chrome was "making one up" for them.

I was able to stop it by adding a hover state to those shapes. The hover state had no changes so it looked just the same when hovering. 

Once that was done, they stopped hopping around in Chrome.

Hope this helps.