Storyline game scenario

the subject might be vague but I wasn't sure what you would call this. Basically I have a screen showing an office environment with bad things and good things on it. I want the users to tap on all the bits they think are either bad or good (it will be on a smart board in a classroom). Once they've tapped on an object, it then gets circled in either red or green depending on whether it's good or bad (so far so good) comes the bit where I am stuck....

I have 5 'lives' showing at the top of the screen. Every time they tap outside of the designated hot spots, I want one 'life' to dissapear until all the lives are gone, which means they've run out of time and lose the game.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Yee -- Thanks for your question, and while this may not totally be what you have in mind, maybe you can set up the 'good' or 'bad' options as a quiz somehow and then you could limit the number of quiz retries to be 5 or less to work like the 'lives' you mentioned? I will defer to the community for more ideas on how you could accomplish this, and it may be a good idea to share your file so that others can take a look and offer suggestions. 

Please also be aware that you are welcome to post over in the Building Better Courses forum for additional design inspiration and advice. And whenever your project is complete, we'd love to see your finished product! :)