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Is there any way to gain full control of the Storyline glossary?  Rather than having the Glossary tab always on display and impacting a custom screen layout I've developed, I would like to display the glossary by clicking a button in a custom navigation bar.  I could probably create a separate glossary file and access it through the button, but would rather take advantage of the glossary function in Storyline to ease data entry.

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Neil Cramer


Thanks for getting back so quick.  That is one option that I am considering, but ideally I’d like to have a button for the glossary on the custom navigation bar I’ve developed, just to maintain a consistent look and feel.  I am wondering if there is any parameter I can trigger from a button that would launch the glossary.


Brenda Heilman

Hey Neil--

Maybe our solution would work for works pretty well if you also have Articulate Engage.  We wanted the same idea you're looking at with an interactive glossary--not just text or whatever, or having to create tons of objects/triggers.   We created our glossary in Engage, published it for the web and posted it on a server.  We then created a slide in Storyline into which we inserted the Engage Glossary as a web object.

We used that slide with the web object as a lightbox slide, accessing the slide from a player tab, but you could easily access it from a button instead.  The added benefit to this method is that you can link this same glossary to several courses, and when you update the glossary in Engage and republish it, as long as you keep the same name/server location, it will be updated in all the courses it's used in (because they are accessing the Engage file as a web object from that server). We really liked the lightbox option--learners never lose their place in the course when they view it--just close it with the red x and continue where they left off!

Here's what our glossary ('definitions') looks like when accessed via a lightboxed slide in the course.

Dennis Hall

Hi Peter:

It is not possible to do anything with fonts anywhere in the SL player except change the color.

I use lightbox slides for Glossaries and Resources due to the extreme limitations of the player.

The advantages of using lightbox slides for glossaries and Resources are numerous over the very basic current player; such as the ability to embed videos, use advanced font characteristics, add links to relevant web content, create your own layout, and the list goes on.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Lisa Smyser

Brenda or Dennis,

This is exactly what I need to do! My client's glossary is huge and it would be a nightmare to maintain over several modules.I'm trying to use your light box method to display my engage glossary.

How are you able to size the web object smaller for the lightbox slide? I'm using a 16:9 story file and when I bring the engage file in it automatically wants to scroll! I resize the web object box, but it's not resizing the web object - it's just cutting part of it off. Any ideas?