Storyline- How to include multiple videos

Can anyone  point me to a tutorial that shows how to create a slide with triggered icons that when clicked will launch a video? I want a screen with 10 icons acting as the menu. I want each to launch a short video that when closed shows the icon menu again. (Like in the Recycling demo in the Showcase)

Also, the short videos I want to include are .wmv

Would I need to convert them to a different format first? I also have links to online versions if that's better.

Here's a screen shot of the Recycling screen I'm talking about. I especially like the lightbox effect with the video that can be closed to return to the icon menu

Thanks for your help!

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Bruce Graham


The last slide of the most recent "Story Lion" (Episode 4) , did this with a relatively simple "remote control" unit.

Each of the "Channels" has a hotspot.

There are 3 x layers, with triggers that fire off videos on the layers.

The remote control was replicated on each layer, and had a "Pause", and "Stop" <and close layer> button.

You could use 10 x numbered icons along the bottom of the screen (and each layer) - with exactly the same trigger/pause/stop mechanism.

Hope this helps.


Bruce Graham


Glad you liked it, see for the rest of his adventures in Instructional Designer land....

You would need to "improvise" a lightbox type of effect over a layer, or create a lightbox, there's no way to "convert" from one to another.per se.


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Natalia, a lightbox is just a slide that you trigger by using the open lightbox action. So if you want to use light boxes instead of layers, just create separate pages for each of your videos (I would put then in a scene of their own so that the are not in you main story scene).

Then on your icons, use the own lightbox trigger on click instead of the show layer trigger.

If you have already set up your videos in layers, you can just select all the objects on the layer and paste into a new slide.

Alejandra Torres

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Hi all!

I need help, please!  I am trying to create a multiple choice quiz for ASL speakers.  The question will be a video and there will be 4 possible answers which will also be videos.  Also, it has to be possible to play all 5 videos at the same time. 

I know that there is a way to do this with Articulate Quizmaker, however my problem is the space limitation.  The size of the videos is too small when put all together in one slide.  Is there a plausible way to do this with Storyline?  

I was thinking that being able to have the question video on the“menu” on the left side can free up some space for the 4 answer videos to be placed on the actual slide.  Is this possible?  Any other ideas that can solve my problem?