Storyline HTML5 content not displaying in Chrome or Safari, but works fine in Firefox

We were defaulting to the html5 version of the articulate content, which were working on both mobile and desktop (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) when we set up the site but just recently stopped working.

This is the link to just the HTML5 version of one of the Articulate content modules we use, not embedded in the site, meaning there is no additional styling or javascript or any other code that could be interfering with it. In Chrome and Safari, all I see is the grey frame with title, the previous/next buttons and the volume button. I can provide a test login for you if you think you need to see the content in the site page's iframe, but the grey frame without inside 'slide' content behavior is the same in the iframe.

My Firefox browser has just been updated to the latest version and I am able to see the html5 version on it and it is working correctly, both directly and as an iframe include in our web site's page. I know that Firefox has not been supported in the past, so this seems very strange.

This leads me to believe that there were browser (Chrome or Safari) updates that may have broken the Articulate functionality. Has there also been a Articulate app update that would fix this? If so, would we need to re-export? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tony!

Interesting. We support viewing in Chrome for HTML5 content on a Windows machine, but not Firefox or Safari.

We typically advise users to share the link to the story.html file in the published output. Here’s how Storyline determines which version of your content to display when learners view it.

I'm not sure what update you used to publish this course, but we have had a few recent updates to cover Flash issues, Chrome 44, and iOS9.

I would advise to update, re-publish, re-test your course.

Tony Dexter

I'm aware of the way Storyline switches between html5 and flash. Unfortunately it wasn't working right - mobile browsers like iOS would sometimes get the flash version even though iOS won't use flash. So we pointed the iframe to the html5 file by default (bypassing the 'determining' code), because both desktop and mobile devices support html5 now and because the html5 Storyline content we created was working on all the devices we are supporting.

This worked for at least a few months since May, but now we are seeing what I described above for the html5 content. The flash content works, but of course, many mobile browsers do not use flash, and we need to be able support mobile devices. Were you able to see the problem when you tried the test link I provided?

We will try updating the Storyline app, and then republishing. 

Thanks for your help, Leslie.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tony,

I saw the same thing when pointing directly to the HTML5 as you linked - but when trying to access the story.html file to allow the device to set it, I saw the message in regards to downloading the mobile player. As Leslie mentioned, that's something fixed as a part of the updates above and in addition to republishing you could also look at using the Articulate Updater as described here. 

Please let us know how it goes after going through the updates!

Casey Lentz

I am having a similar issue with my Storyline 3 project. I have a Navigation/Instruction bar at the bottom of my project. It works properly using IE, but when we access it using Chrome or Firefox the bar flashes for a quick second and then disappears. I'm not sure how I can remedy this.

(Also, I'm not sure how to upload my project to this site for someone to look at it for me...Please help!)

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Casey. Sorry you're running into that snag, and I'd love to help!

With your permission, I can test your .STORY file to see what's happening in Chrome and Firefox. You can share your project publicly here by using the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window.

UploadOr, you can send it to our Support team privately by using this upload link.

Excited to dig in, and I'll delete it when we solve this puzzle!