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There have been several threads in the past that have discussed hyperlinks (trigger: jump to file) on-screen not working well in Google Chrome and some other browser versions.

The Storyline features slide doesn't have any information other than "jump to file" is supported.  It's been my impression that "jump to file" has not been working in major browsers for some time now.

Are there workarounds?


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Sam Carter

Steve Flowers said:

In situations where this fails (I haven't seen it but don't use the feature) do these work:

1) Launching the file as a resource

2) Including the file as a resource but accessing the file through relative path via a JavaScript trigger

The RESOURCES tab works fine.  The issue is hyperlinks on-screen which are a feature of Storyline but don't work at all in Google Chrome which by some accounts leads the world in market share this year.

The JavaScript would work, but it adds difficulty each time the course is published since Storyline won't include the pdfs in a known location.

I'll get the narrative modified to refer the learner to the RESOURCES tab.

Robert  Conrad

Why do hyperlinks to websites not work in Storyline? I've read a lot on this but mine is a simple question - why don't they work? I've tested the most simple case - New project - one slide with a text box with a hyperlink. Publish to Web or LMS, and you click on the link and nothing happens! No, I don't have any special security settings, blockers, etc. Doing exactly the same thing in Articulate presenter and it works. So it must be a problem with Storyline. Why have a feature that doesn't work?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

Are you testing your published content locally? If so, you may encounter some local security restrictions that could cause elements of your course to fail. I have heard about this most often when testing in Chrome, but Internet Explorer and Firefox seem to test it ok. 

Oh, and welcome to the Heroes community! 

Jedidiah Esposito

This has to do with Chrome's security model - not with Storyline. 

Fortunately there's a work around that'll make it work for you when you're working with local content. (You'll find that it works fine when on a web-server or LMS).

"If you want to be able to open file:// links from and http:// or https:// scope, it won't work in Chrome because of their security model... until now! There's now a LocalLinks extension on the Chrome extensions page that will allow you to do it! It's modeled after the LocalLink add-on for FireFox. Enjoy!

Direct link:"

Note - I have not tested this plugin approach as I've actually just modified my version of Chrome instead. If this doesn't work for you let me know and I'll hunt out the more complicated fix.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cristian,

I checked with a few other members of our team to confirm this. They were testing and able to easily input up around 4,000 characters, but web standards dictate that a URL cannot be more than 2,083 characters in length. So we're exceeding that standard, but we wouldn't recommend using more than the web standards dictate.