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Nov 29, 2013

Hi All, 

As previously discussed on the forums we are currently facing some major issues in our .story file as the size of our program is around 800mb.  Due to the size the .story file we are having problems opening/publishing the file despite having a machine of the specification below:

Processor: i7


OS: Windows 64 bit. 

Based on this we have investigated this further and it seems as though Articulate add additional mb when inserting a video. For example when inserting a video its original size is 9.25mb when inserting it into Articulate the inserted size is 16.2 mb, this is a difference of nearly 7mb.

We have seen many examples of this in our program and as we have well over 100 videos in the program this is a lot of additional space that we think we can save, which will help us open and publish the file.

Does anyone know why this may be happening; are there any settings we can potentially change so that this does not happen?

 We believe if we can save this space it will considerable help us in opening and maintaining the file. 

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please get in touch this would be much appreciated. 

Many Thanks

Neil Chandarana

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Simon Perkins

My experience of adding videos to SL is the opposite, e.g a 100Mb video gets compressed to something like 25Mb with no loss in quality.

Have you thought about hosting the videos (Vimeo Pro is great for this as you have excellent controls over privacy, playback etc) and embedding them that way?  Performance for the end user should also be improved as the videos are being served by a media specialist too.

Neil Chandarana

Hi Simon,

Whilst I understand the theory you are saying as we have also investigated this, it is the actual story file size that we are trying to reduce. 

When you publish the file yes they get compressed however this is a separate function. 

The reason why we think we are having a problem is because the .storyfile is to big and therefore we are having problems opening the files. 

Do you have any thoughts on this.

Many thanks

Neil Chandarana. 

Simon Perkins

Neil Chandarana said:


The reason why we think we are having a problem is because the .storyfile is to big and therefore we are having problems opening the files. 


This, coupled with the fact you have 100 or so videos in a single course, demonstrates why it's worth looking at embedding streaming video, as per Vimeo Pro or any other professional media host.  SL file size will be minimised + any changes you make to the videos, e.g replacing one or more at any time, means you won't have to change the SL files.

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