Storyline interaction template colors

Hi, I used the folder tabs interaction template yesterday to create a layered interaction. Yesterday the folder color was gray. Today when I opened the file, the folder color had changed to black. Does anyone know why this would happen? Along the same lines, is there a way to get the color themes (created in ppt and saved as Office themes) to apply to the newly created slides using the Storyline templates?

This was not black yesterday when I left the office.

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Karen Karnisky

Sure, here is the file. Slide 2.2, Basic Concepts, should have a gray folder. I changed the color to gray after opening it this morning and seeing the black folder.

This is a file that was created last year in PowerPoint 2010, contains and Office color scheme/theme, and was imported into Storyline to be upgraded this year. Note that it isn't complete yet. Thank you.