Storyline Interface Ideas

Nov 17, 2013

Just a few tweaks to the (already excellent) Storyline interface that I think would be useful to consider for future updates.

They might already exist and I failed to notice them of course

I know the interface has to balance between general and advanced options without becoming cluttered but I do think some of these ideas would speed up authoring time.


I would like more precise control of guides, similar to the options available in Adobe InDesign

  • Option to Lock Guides in place so they can't be accidentally moved
  • Option to specify guide position in pixels, either by double-clicking or right-clicking on a guide
  • "Create new guide" option in menu
  • Create new guide by dragging from the ruler - quite a common convention
  • An option to only "snap to guides"

Slide Masters

  • Possible to have elements on Slide Masters that appear above (in terms of z-index) slide content not only on the background.

Status Bar

  • I would like to see the project size displayed in the lower status bar, eg 1024x576. Handy as a quick reference if you work on different size projects all the time

Playhead / Timeline

  • The "align layer to playhead" feature is good, I would like a "Trim Layer at Playhead" option. This would be much quicker than either dragging the layer duration back or specifying the timing via right-click

Workspace / Artboard

  • An option for a mask (80% opacity black for example) around the project bounds so that you can see where the project bounds are when you have images larger than the project size.
  • Keyboard shortcut for zooming : eg CTRL+ to zoom in, CTRL- to zoom out. CTRL-1 to set zoom to 100%, CTRL-0 sets zoom to fit.


  • Option for text shadow
  • Character or paragraph styles (stylesheets) would be great for easily changing type and headings across a project. Object styles would be good as well but understand this may be too complicated for many users


  • I would like to know where the audio levels are at. Say for example I bring in an audio file with peaks at approx. -6dB. If the audio volume is set to "medium" or "high" what is that actually doing to the audio level? Also is there any difference in the output if the source files are mono or stereo?


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jane  not a pain

Hi Ashley

Could I add a few other ideas in relation to these great ones above, and be warned, I come from an Adobe/TechSmith background...


  • Ability to hide and clear guides
  • Ability to colorize the guides
  • Smarter robust dynamic guides for multiple objects such as PPT 2016 has...they are so practical and save me heaps of time


  • Ability to record a series of steps, save, name and reuse them

Blur Tool:

  • Blur tool on the menu bar (see SnagIT)
  • Also to have granular control levels over it such as 10%, 20% customized etc

Selection Tool:

  • Ability to select parts of images, screenshots etc and blur, cut, paint, color etc (SnagIT)

These features would really make Storyline a stand alone killer product, and save heaps of time, and tedious repetition, and back n forth between other programs



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