(Storyline + iPad) - HTML5 == 404

Hello all,

I am uploading a Storyline course published to SCORM using the latest version. I have chosen to publish Flash and iPad but not HTML5 (had a few oddities in HTML5). 

But when I access the course from my iPad it tries to load index_lms_html5.html. Which results in a 404 page not found error... 

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

@Peter, I opened a ticket regarding the HTML5 sluggishness of the same file. They are looking into it now and seem to think it maybe my player???

@Gerry, It was my understanding that the iPad app would not communicate with the LMS but I thought it would still play the content. I could be wrong on this. But I don't think it should default to look for the HTML5 version when there is none...  

But I could be wrong about both of those; Peter? Staff? 

Justin Wilcox

Hi James. The latest version of Storyline does offer Tin Can support which you can learn more about here. Your LMS would need to support this though. It sounds like it doesn't. Regarding HTML5 playback, have you tried using a standard player versus a custom player to see if that makes a difference? Are you viewing the HTML5 version on an iPad or Google Chrome in Windows/Mac?

Toni Lampros


Our LMS does not load the iPad app either. I have found that by simply unchecking the "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" on the publish page solved this issue. now, when I post content to the LMS and view from the iPad it simply pulls the HTML5 html page and I am good to go.

If you are having issues with HTML5 (when you publish) would you elaborate on those? I am curious as to if they are issues that I have also encountered.