Storyline iPad output. bitmap images and Retina displays


If my course uses bitmap images at 72dpi and we publish for iPad, and the viewer is using an iPad with a Retina display, will they see the bitmaps as smaller or blurry images? Does Storyline adjust for Retina resolution, or do I need to import higher resolution bitmap imagery or something esle to cover that issue? Thank you.

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Kevin Thorn

Hey Richard,

The short answer I think is to just run a couple tests. I've instituted a rule of thumb that any SL projects I create that will display on an iPad, I set the image resolutions to 150dpi.

Unless your images really need the extra crispy rich visual appeal that retina display shows, there won't be much need for a hi-res image. Again, unless it's a vivid jpg photo not sure the retina display will make much of a difference.