Storyline is publishing erradicatly

I have my storyline project but every time I want to publish it, it won´t do it. Here's a walkthrough of my problem:

  1. I click on Publish and the window opens fine.
  2. I choose the output route in which i want the project to be published.
  3. I click on publish and when it starts generating and publishing the slides, it starts on slide 2, then goes to slide 1, once again to slide 2, and then it stops, but it doesn't show me any window saying 'Congratulations' with the button to see the finished class. It only stops publishing after slide 2 and stays in the same publishing window.

The folder in which the content of the class should be, only has some folders, such as Temp and story_content, but no .story file from which to play the class. 

This happened only twice since I installed Update 8 and the first time it solved itself some way or another.

Also, by default, when you publish a new project, the output folder is put on the 'My Articulate Projects' folder on Documents, but it publishes directly onto my desktop. When i leave it to publish on Desktop, it 'works' just fine. I mean, it publishes it, but when i try to upload it to my desired server, all .png images wont upload (even if i can watch the class perfectly from my computer) 

Any idea what might be causing this problem?

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