Storyline isn't properly adjusting/tracking variables

Apr 01, 2015

Hi there,

I'm a new user, so it's possible that this is something I'm setting up wrong, but I can't seem to get Storyline to properly adjust variables...

I'm working on a relatively basic training course; it's nothing overly fancy or complicated... I need to be able to track learners' progress as they go along. I've built a Menu page that learners will return to at the end of each section --- it's just a simple text-based page listing the various sections and subsections of the course. Once they've gone through each section, I'd like an indicator to appear on the Menu page, so they can see which sections have already been completed. 

It should be relatively easy (I think?): I create a series of true/false Project Variables (one for each section/subsection --- Sec01COMPLETE, Sec02COMPLETE, etc.) with a default/initial value of "False". On the final slide of each section, I've created a trigger like this:

Adjust Variable:


= Assignment

Value      True

When User clicks


On the Menu slide, I've inserted a checkmark Marker (under Interactive Objects); I've created a Hidden state for the Marker, and have set its initial state to Hidden. I've then created triggers like this:

Change state of

Marker 1

To state: Normal

When Timeline starts

Object: Marker 1

On Condition
Sec01COMPLETE == Equal to True

Essentially what I'm doing is creating a project-wide variable that's initially set to False, but which should change to True as the learner completes each section. The Menu slide should then display any Markers for sections that have been completed (the associated variable changed to True), and leave Markers for uncompleted sections (False) hidden.

The hitch is that none of this works when I Preview the project. As far as I can tell, it SHOULD work, it just doesn't... I've been through the variables a dozen times, and they're all formatted properly; I had thought that I built the Markers incorrectly, so I modified the "Change state of" to "move along line motion path" to test if things were working properly, but no luck. The Markers all appear on the menu slide right off the top, regardless of whether or not the sections have been completed (or even visited...)

Anyone know what the issue is? I've been wrestling with this for an entire day now... I've torn out what little hair I have remaining. It should work they way I've set it up, it just won't...


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Nancy Woinoski

I agree with Leslie, it is hard to tell without seeing the file but on thing that often trips people up is the trigger order. The triggers read from top to bottom so if you have some sort of exit trigger before the one that changes the state it won't work.

The other thing you should check it the initial value of the true/false variable that you are using. It is set to true or false? I think you want it set to false initially and then have it change to true when the user clicks the complete button.

Steve Flowers

You might also consider using

  • Equal to ignore case - as I'm not sure the boolean evaluation will see True as equal to true.
  • NOT Equal to ignore case!= false - sometimes I've seen booleans and states NOT work with equal but work perfectly well with opposites. I haven't used booleans for awhile because of this and didn't spend any time trying to troubleshoot.

Here's what I use instead:

  • section1Visited=0 //default
  • section1Visited=1 //visited
  • Run trigger if section1Visited>0

Never had a problem using numbers.

Jeff Allen

Thanks for the advice, guys! I thought about uploading the .story file, but the project is 182Mb (I assume because of the embedded videos...?).

I started a new project, and was able to mock up a version of this that worked properly. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the existing project, so I wound up going in, deleting the Menu, Variable, Markers, etc. and re-building them from scratch. It works now, so I must have screwed up a setting somewhere along the way.


Thanks again!

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