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Kamil Nowek

No, Storyline only shows us these three functions. But it doesn't mean that you can't do it what you want:

- create variable for example "change_state" and set "false"

- create trigger "change the state of your object when variable changes - variable "change_state"

- create your JS code and when you want to change the state of object, create a code:
var player = GetPlayer()

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve, and thanks for your input. :)

And Alfred, you may already be aware, but I wanted to mention for good measure that although we don't provide support for JavaScript, it may be helpful to take a look at this document on JavaScript Best Practices. I'm sure you will find the JS assistance you need from our knowledgable community members here. 

Alfred Low

Thanks for the suggestions.

Working with Storyline triggers is painful when there are a large number of buttons that need to replicate the behaviour.

I was trying to use JS to programmatically hide 15 buttons based on Storyline variables on a slide's timeline start.

Sure, I can achieve it using Storyline triggers but it sure gets painful and difficult to debug.

Leslie McKerchie
Hi Rafik!
The Articulate Storyline 2 software development kit (SDK) is a free download that currently supports custom player frames for Flash content. To learn more about the SDK, see this download page.
Please note that the Storyline SDK isn't a supported product. If you need help creating custom frames, we recommend posting in our dedicated SDK forum to connect with other developers.
Kyle Main

With JavaScript, is there a way to grab the location of a video?

I noticed that the player on the stage for a video that sits below the video, will allow you to click on the progress bar and jump to different positions based on where the mouse clicks.

I know the Storyline player also allows this feature, so I'm realizing that there is come code that tells the Storyline Timeline to jump forward to a timecode that is equal to the mouse location horizontally.

Thanks for any help.  Or let me know if there is another thread with this same topic.  I saw the posts here were related to my needs.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kyle,

The javascript element is something I'd have to defer to the community for help around. The Storyline seekbar is set to match what you have on your timeline, so there isn't a hard and fast rule for "click at point X to get to time Y". 

You may want to share a bit more information about what you're looking to accomplish so that some of our Javascript experts can weigh in with ideas here for you. You're also welcome to start a new discussion to share some of that information and request for assistance!