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Barry Galvin

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your reply. The module will NOT be going onto an LMS - it will be run from a website. We do have the ability to create folders etc, using the Excel spreadsheet and macros we're using, but just wanted to know what the, hopefully, simple Javascript code would look like.

Thanks again.

Chris Walsh

No probs.  Office apps are tightly bound to the desktop and with VBA you can perform filesystem based functions such as checking the existence of a file or folder.

When I referred to LMS I actually meant websites in general.  If your website is set up in the client web browser's "intranet" or "trusted sites zone" then you might be able to get javascript to do what you want to do by creating an instance of the FileSystemObject (FSO) COM object.  Here is a site that might help: http://www.yaldex.com/wjscript/sgProgrammingFileSystemObject.htm

My guess however is that unless the website and client computer's security settings are set up in a very specific way, attempting to instantiate a FSO object will fail.