Storyline keeps closing due to an error

Hi community!  Since we did the Storyline update last week we have had nothing but problems.  Storyline keeps closing due to an error or all the inserted graphics and audio disappear.  In the case of the latter - the wire frame is still visible and everything shows in the timeline but the graphics and audio are gone.  This is causing major issues since we have had to recreate entire modules since this started.  Any ideas as to what could be going on?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kim! You didn't refer to the error that you are receiving, so I'm not sure what may be going on. Are you having problems with just one project or across Storyline projects?

Please be sure that you are working locally and not on a network drive.

If it's just this project, perhaps you can start a new project.

If it's all projects, I would suggest a repair of your software.

Kim Parker

Thank you for providing the link but I am still having the same
issues. This is the error message I get:[image: Inline image 1]
My co-worker is not only getting this issue, he is losing all the images
that he has put into Storyline. When he opens his project back up after it
closes, he is left with wire frames where the pictures should be even
though the pictures show in the timeline. We work on deadlines and this is
causing major issues for us and doesn't bode well for our request to
upgrade to Storyline 2. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly

Kim Parker

Kim Parker

Good morning,
I have conducted the repair that was shared above to no avail. We are
working locally not on a network drive. As I stated in my previous email,
my co-worker is having the same issues and more. His keeps losing all
inserted pictures/graphics and leaving him with a wire frame only as well
as closing abruptly. His ticket # is 00434417. He has sent his entire
file as requested and hasn't heard anything back. Any resolution would be
greatly appreciated at this time.