Storyline keeps flashing in and out

Hi everyone. I am getting super frustrated with SL. I LOVE it. However, when Im in the editing mode, anytime I try to click and move something, the whole screen goes blank for like five seconds. If I click something, not even trying to move it, the screen will start flashing. Any thoughts on why it would do this? It makes working in the software very frustrating because  I cant do anything in "real time" I hope and guess because of the flashing and blanking out.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jen,

Sorry to hear SL360 is behaving erratically! Please take a look at this article here that covers reasons it could be acting unexpectedly.

One major tip is to work from your local drive, as working from a file saved to a network drive or synced to the cloud can cause issues. You may also try a quick repair of Storyline to see if it helps!

If it's still acting up, reach out to one of our support engineers to dig in a little deeper and see what could be causing the issue!