Storyline Klingon (or is it Vulcan?)... it is NOT Esperanto

Every once in a while, when we on our development team upload a Storyline course to our LMS, the result is gibberish that could be (who knows?) Klingon or Vulcan. Why does this happen? Is it a known bug in Storyline? Have others encountered this problem? I have 'fixed' this issue by republishing and uploading a new file. But we would like to know what's going on. Thanks!

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Steve Flowers

Hey John,

I have seen this with older versions of Storyline. My fix was the same as yours. Wasn't able to narrow down a cause but I haven't seen the problem for awhile. I guessed it was a problem with the font I was using. Changing the font could have fixed it. The problem happened so rarely that it was tough to isolate cause.

John Corbett

Thanks, Steve. Changing the font may be a clue. Our company has been a stickler about using Arial, but I find that using the Articulate font (which is a bit more open and rounded than that IRS favorite) makes text easier to read on-screen. I'll pass that suggestion on. As to the version, I haven't seen the issue with version 1.5.