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Feb 27, 2018

Hi All - 

I am creating a course in Storyline that will apply to at least 5 different roles in my company.  I have a knowledge check at the end and would like approx 10 questions to display for everyone and the other 5 or so to populate based on their role.  I've added a slide with buttons that trigger to the correct 1st question but my results slides keep coming out wrong. Any ideas on how to create different knowledge checks for different roles, each with their own results slides? 

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Richard Watson

Hi Ashley,

Just saw you post so thought I would jump in and provide an idea in case you are still checking back for an answer.

Since 10 questions will be the same for all users, why not create a separate quiz for each "role"?  For each specific role add the appropriate questions in addition to the 10?  Each of these could be placed into their own scene in Storyline with their own results slide.

Prior to starting the quiz, you could ask them to select their role and direct them to the appropriate quiz.

Just a thought.

Ashley Williams

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the feedback. I did try that but for some reason it's not translating in my LMS as pass/fail and I'm not sure why. I was thinking it could be because there are two knowledge checks and I only have the option to select pass/fail based on one of them. Any ideas?

Thank you,

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