Storyline - Lag with Trigger Wizard during development?

Has anyone noticed a lag during development with the latest version of SL360, v3.32.20313.0?

What happens to me is that every few times I open the Trigger Wizard, and go to pick one of the drop-downs to change something, SL freezes for about 10 sec before the drop-down opens.

Similar but not quite the same behavior reported here a few years ago:

Happening on a new MSI Desktop, new SL install, Win 10 64 bit, 64 mb ram.

Just wondering if isolated to my setup.  I will post a Peek video if I can capture it. Thank you.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Jeff. Thanks for those helpful details, and sorry you're seeing some lag!

I see you reached out to our Support team today about another issue where characters are getting cut off in text fields. I shared this behavior with Eric, who is working on the case so we can nail down where both problems are stemming from.

He'll be in touch after carefully analyzing these details, and I'll follow the conversation!