Storyline Layers do not work when Engage interation is on a slide

Dec 05, 2012


I have placed an engage (studio 09) interaction into a Storyline slide (this all works fine), then created a layer to try to mask the header of the Engage interaction.

What I did was; import a Engage interaction into a Base Layer, then create a layer to mask its header (setting the layer properties to have nothing selected).

The result was; When published, the Engage interaction is displayed and the layer is not visivble at all. I also find the "transparent" color setting in Engage does not work.

About the "transparent setting": I set the background to 100% transparency.

I also tested this issue by selecting Hide other slide layers and Hide objects on base layer to see if the Engage object would not display. There was no difference in the result, the Engage object displayed, so clearly layers do not work when an Engage object is on a slide.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

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