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Jun 18, 2013

Hi All

Has anyone out there had expereince uploading an LMS published lesson into PeopleStreme  The tech people at Peoplestreme are telling me that our courses are not SCORM compliant, as their upload checks for the existence of an imsmanifest.xml file which all Scorm courses contain and the published file from Storyline does not?

Please advise if you need anymore detail.

thank you.

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Susan Pickering

The showstoppoer for us, over and beyond the issues with the imsmanifest.xml file was the upload limit.

Originally it was 10mb (anyone that remembers the first IBM8086 PC had a hard drive of 10mb :-( ), then PeopleStreme upgraded the upload limit to 25mb.

Most of our lessons were bigger than this due to the instructional design and use of Storyline funtionality.

We are moving more also towards embedded video so it became necessary to find another LMS provider. Which we have done.  LMS  we are moving to now has never heard of their product having an upload limit!

Even our basic moodle site handles 200mb.

Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate it.  

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