Storyline, LMSs and External Tin Can Files

Apr 17, 2015

Does anyone have experience uploading a TinCan file to an external server and then having scores report back to an LMS?  I know in theory TinCan can do this, but my Google searches aren't very helpful.  Maybe Blackboard's "SCORM Parity" TinCan can't do this??

I'm using Blackboard, but I'd be interested in hearing from people on other LMSs -- anything to give me a hint of how to get started.  

My use case is that I have a very large Storyline with over an hour of video, and it's being used by several instructors in several Blackboard classrooms.  I'd like to upload the Storyline once to our web server, then somehow connect the classrooms to the file. This will prevent each individual instructor from uploading the Storyline file to their classes (reducing server load) and it will make updates easier as I'd only have to update the files on the server (instead of sending faculty new super-large SCORM packages every semester.)

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