Storyline loses our corporate bullets

We use custom bullet characters and indentation. All of this is stripped out by Storyline when I import one of our PowerPoint presentations. Bullets become default black dots. Indentation gets messed up, especially on sub bullets. I cannot find a way to have Storyline use our bullets. This violates our corporate publication standards so is a show stopper.

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Mark Ramsey

Perhaps you could turn the graphics into a TrueType font, then bring them in that way as custom bullets.  Storyline stores Flash-based builds' font sets into a data repository file called "fonts.swf", so I'd hope to assume that Storyline would embed any needed fonts into this file for reference. (?) I'm not sure how an HTML5 build is handled with custom fonts.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mark -- Thanks for stopping in to share your suggestion! And as this thread is quite a bit older, if you intended to contact any of the participants, there is a chance some could no longer be subscribed. As such, you would be welcome to reach out directly using the "Contact Me" link on their profile pages. :)