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May 18, 2012

Hello all,

Someone please please let me know what's going on here!

I installed Storyline again a couple of days ago on my new laptop (because the laptop had a virus and needed to be reformatted), and everything worked fine. However, yesterday morning when I went into Storyline, the actual font used for the menus, etc. is low-res and 'bitty'. And also when creating text boxes for example, that too looks the same. Although when I preview the slides, the text looks fine.

click here to view Storyline low res interface 

I've rebooted, and even uninstalled Storyline, shutdown, then re-downloaded and installed, and it's still the same. I have also run a batch file that the support chaps sent me to clear out the reg file of all Articulate references, and also deleted all Articulate fonts and still doesn't work. And my Windows is indeed set to 96dpi.

All my other apps on my laptop such as PPT and Presenter etc. are fine. It's just Storyline.

click here to see that all other applications look fine 

Any ideas?

Thanks, Barry

P.S. I can still use the software and publish etc., but it just looks horrible from my developer side at the moment :(

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David Burton


It's possible your system does not have Clear type Fonts enabled. Some applications will override this system setting, Storyline does not. Try the following.

Windows Vista or Windows 7:

1. Select the system start button and type the following into the Search Field: ClearType

2. From the populated search field select: Adjust ClearType text

3. From the ClearType dialog, check: Turn on ClearType then folllow the wizard for fine tuning the appearance.

For XP follow the Microsoft ClearType online tuner:

I hope this helps.

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