Storyline Mailto links not working in Chrome

Nov 27, 2012

In Chrome, when I click on any Mailto links in a published course using Storyline, the new email opens using Outlook but the course window closes. I created these Mailto links using the built in trigger wizard and they work fine with Internet Explorer. I tested this on a couple of machines and also took it out of my LMS and put it up on the scorm cloud where I experienced the same issue. I tested general mailto links including two that I found in the forums and they worked fine.

Is this a known issue or something with my configuration in Storyline and the mailto triggers on how it behaves with Chrome?


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Andrew Breyer

Hello. Thanks for your reply. I'm using Chrome Version 23.0.1271.91 m 

The link you suggested is one of the ones I found earlier in the forums and that one works however that mailto example seems to have been created in Presenter and not Storyline. 

Courses we've developed with mailto links in Presenter/Engage work fine in Chrome.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting back to me. I created a quick Storyline course with a functioning email link. You can see it here. When using the link, the course should stay open and launch a new message from your email client. I've tested this in Chrome 23 and it's working well for me. Let me know if you have the same issue with this course.

Also, this is how I have the link set up:

If you have yours set up similarly, it might be a setting in Chrome that's causing the course to close. If you have it set up differently, can you share a screenshot or your .story file?

Andrew Breyer

That works correctly and I have the same settings. The only thing different is that I'm publishing to LMS as scorm 1.2 compared to html here. I'm currently using the default Chrome settings minus the popup blocker which I turned off.

I attached a test file that I've been troubleshooting with.

Christine Hendrickson


Thanks for the file. I tested it in HTML and it functions just fine. I just uploaded my previous course to SCORM Cloud with 1.2 for testing and I saw the same issue in Google Chrome. I tested it in Internet Explorer 10 and didn't have a problem - the course stayed open. I believe this may be a bug with 1.2 and I'm going to submit a report. Would you mind submitting a support case with this information, as well? Please refer to this forum thread in your case. Also, please share the case number with me, so I can follow the progress and refer to it in my report.

Thank you!

Sam Carter

Christine Hendrickson said:

Good morning Sam,

I checked in on this bug report this morning and it looks like we're still testing the issue. I'll try to update this thread when we have any other updates regarding the issue or any workarounds or solutions.


Wanting to know more about this issue, I created a .story file and published to  I had no problem with Google Chrome clicking an email link.  Outlook opened immediately with a new email correctly addressed as it should.

It would be handy if Storyline supported a Subject line on the email link.

Should this problem report be closed or did I miss something during testing?


Andrew Breyer

Hello Sam. The issue is that after clicking the mail to link, the course window automatically closes. I looked at this again after updating Storyline to the December release and I'm encountering the same issue. I also noticed that it happens in Firefox (17.0.1) as well. In IE, the course window stays open.

Storyline supporting a subject line would be a nice feature!

Kate Sullivan

Hi All,

It appears that this is still a problem with Chrome and SCORM 1.2 published content.  I have a button in my Storyline course that when clicked, opens a new email with some predefined text that the user can customize before they click send.  When accessing this course from IE, everything works as expected.  When accessing this course from Chrome, it does not.  It appears that Chrome thinks there is unsafe content in the Storyline course so it will not open the email until you allow unsafe script to run.

I should also note that I'm using a mailto encoder and set up a trigger to jump to URL/File where the file is the mailto link when the user clicks the button.

Has anyone found a way to use https rather than http for mailto encoders?  

Thanks for the help!

Di Kin

Hey. I found myself having a similar problem. The course window closes when I click on the trigger button to send an email. I checked on SCORM 2004 2d. In the web version of the error is not noticed. There were no errors on the portal either. The problem is only in the client LMS in the Chrome browser. If you use IE, there is no error.

Is it a problem in Google? Or should we talk with the LMS support?

Dave Lewis

Was just forwarded this post.  I am experiencing similar issues which I posted in Triggers Not Working In Articulate 360. However, it appears this isn't specific to 360 (which we just recently upgraded to).  To summarize, email triggers are not working (just closes the module) if accessed within our LMS (Cornerstone for Salesforce) and using Chrome.  Works fine in IE and works fine on Chrome in ScormCloud. Still researching, will post any developments. 

Dave Lewis

UPDATE:  I noticed references to Scorm 1.2 in the thread and although we haven't been using that version for a while, it appears the module we were experiencing issues  was published in 1.2.  I just republished the same module in 2004 v3 and uploaded to our LMS and experienced no issues. So it does appear to be a combination of Chrome, LMS & 1.2 published output.

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