Storyline makes me nuts :-(

Created my first little content with storyline (audio, a short screencast-video...). Everything works fine on my PC.

1. Upload to Moodle and watch it. Well done, but where is the video? The video doesn't work.

2. Ok, I'm clever. I upload the video to YouTube and embed it in my Storyline-Project. Test it again. Yeah, it works.

3. Now, the great moment: I want to see my project on my iPad. The Button "Launch" appears, but when I click on it, I get an error-message. But I'm still clever and think this is because the content is within Moodle and has something to do with the right-management of Moodle.

4. I upload my project outside of Moodle and create in Moodle a link to the "outsourced" project. Yippieh. I can download the project to my iPad and it works fantastic - until I come to the video. That doesn't work again.

5. Ok, re-publishing only with HTML5 option and without "iPad-functionality". Watch it again in Safari on my iPad. What's that? In the Flash- and iPad-Version my Buttons are in German, but the HTML5-Version "talks" English to me and has menues I disabled in Storyline. And did I say that the video doesn't work again?

6. ... At the moment I don't know.

I'm only frustrated.

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Christian Schett

6. I put the video into my project again and republished it - and it works. On the PC, on the iPad and even as html5.

But there are three questions without an answer for me:

- Why are the buttons in the html5-Version in English although I selected German text labels and why can I see the menu-item "Resources" which I disabled in the Player?
- Why does Storyline "hate" Moodle? (Ok, the third question is not so important


Sammy Hwang

Hello Christian, 

Did you already start to use Storyline? 

In general, I guess Moodle and Flash-based elearning are not good friends. One is Php, and Java script based, and the other is Action script based. By the way, Story line is Action Script 3.0-based? Is there any internal script language? 


Christian Schett

@Sami: yes, I already started with Storyline. in the past I had no problems at all using Flash in Moodle. I have "only" problems with the Video inside the Storyline-Project and the download of the "iPad-Version". Outside Moodle everything works like I expect it.

@Phil: Which Version of Moodle do you use? Since we switched to Moodle 2.2 we have some issues with Scorm-Packages and Captivate Content. Therefore I hoped this will end with Storyline. Have you ever tried to download a Storyline Content to the iPad from within Moodle?

Dave Mozealous

Hey Christian,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with Storyline :-(

>- Why are the buttons in the html5-Version in English although I selected German text labels

Right now the HTML5 player doesn't support text label localization, but that is something we obviously want to look into making work in updates to the HTML5 player.  You can see a full breakdown of what features are supported in the HTML5/iOS/Flash player's here:

> Why can I see the menu-item "Resources" which I disabled in the Player?

That is odd...would you mind uploading your file to me at:

Either PM me or post to the forums with the name of the project and I'll download it and check it out.

- Why does Storyline "hate" Moodle? 

How so?  Can you explain a bit more about this?  There are some limitations of Moodle itself on the iPad (I assume you are talking about HTML5), like by default content in Moodle launches in a heavily framed environment and Mobile Safari isn't great at dealing with iFrames, and launching content in a new window gets blocked by Mobile Safari's popup blocker...but I would be interested to know what you are seeing.  We test heavily in Moodle, so I just want to make sure I know if you are seeing issues we are not.


Christian Schett

Hi Dave,

thanks for the information about the non-supported text label localization in html5 and the link.

I uploaded my project "DirectSpeech"

At the problem with Moodle:
Well, it's funny - i uploaded the project once again and choose "open as Pop-Up" and now the video works. Weird However, this problem seems to be solved (even I don't know why ;-) )

But try this:
Go to our Moodle-Platform and login as a guest and choose the Course "Testing Storyline" (on the top of courses) and try to download the Storyline Project to the iPad. If you click on "Launch"  you'll get the message "Cannot Access Content".

If you go to (it is the same project but outside Moodle) you can download the content to your iPad without any problem.

Well, it looks like not Storyline is "hating" Moodle, but Moodle maybe "hates" Storyline". The Problem for me is that I want to offer my students content for web and mobile at our Moodle, but I think it's a little bit complicated if I have to save the content outside Moodle to make this possible. And what, when I want to track to LMS? Then the content must be within Moodle and should also be available on mobile like the iPad...


Christian Schett

Phil, maybe I'm a "early Bird" but my Vision  is to offer my Students Content they can use everywhere and anywhere Storyline seems to be the Tool which makes this possible ( if you ever tried the html5-Converter for Captivate [ok, it's a beta] you know what I mean, the results are terrible).

Storyline is easy to use, easy to unterstand - even for an Austrian Teacher and the output is great (on iPad, in Safari...). At the moment I'm only a little bit "frustrated" that I can't realize my vision.

Leah Hemeon

Hi there,

We've been using Articulate and Captivate content in Moodle 2.2 for about 3 months. It took me awhile to get the settings just right but you did hit on one key point - it works best when set to "pop-up". Also, you may want to look at the Moodle bug tracker as a number of SCORM related bugs are either recently fixed or in the process of being fixed. We aren't deploying via iPad yet and are stuck with IE 7 until IT decides it's time to upgrade our entire organization. As a result, I need to do some significant testing before ever loading to Moodle.

In the end, the process I use to make sure my content is "safe" for Moodle is this:

1) Publish projects with using SCORM 1.2 with Pass/Fail (NOT complete/incomplete) & make sure project is set to send percentage not actual score

2) Use SCORM cloud (available via to do an initial full run through of your project making sure that passing scores show as a pass with the proper score and that a fail actual reports a fail. Many times I found I had published with the wrong setting or did something slightly different so the package itself was actually reporting wrong.

3) Use a Topics-based course in Moodle instead of the SCORM course. Once the Moodle course is created THEN use the SCORM activity to upload the content. Set it to load in a pop-up with highest attempts. Also, be sure to set it to update each time it runs otherwise students may see older cached versions when you're updating content.

4) Once loaded, be sure to run the pass and fail tests again just to be sure it's reporting the way you want.

I have a variety of other settings and at some point I'll have to dig them out at work but these are the basics. 

I know this is a long post but I was quick to blame both the content creation tool and Moodle (alternating between them...) until I figured out the "sweet spot" for the settings.

Different devices, browser setups, etc. will ALL impact how your content plays and reports. I definitely recommend testing. And, as others on this forum have said, the Articulate player for iPad doesn't pass SCORM information back through to the LMS. It also doesn't do well with content that requires a password to access - even if you try to launch it AFTER putting in your password.

I have no idea if this is going to help you at all. Don't give up on Moodle and Storyline just yet. I'm sure there's a combo that will work for most of your applications eventually! At least by using the SCORM cloud tests you can be sure your project is reporting correctly based on SCORM standards...


Christian Schett

Hi Leah,

thanks for your thoughts and tips to Moodle. I agree with you in your experience with SCORM. Therefore I started to re-organzize my courses (which is a lot of work because I'm the only "eLearning Nerd" at my school
My courses structured in 4 steps:

1. Info (this is the part where I used in the past Articulate Presenter and Captivate). Quizzes inside this infos are only for the students to see, if they understand the topic, but I do not track them.

2. Handouts with a short summary of the topic (mostly a pdf)

3. Homework (mostly a Word-Dokument to fill out and upload again)

4. Quiz (for this I use the questions inside Moodle and sometimes, but really rarely, SCORM)

So SCORM for me is not that important. The part where Storyline comes in for me is point 1.
I want to create interesting, "good looking" content that my students like and content they can follow everywhere at any time. Therefore my interest in HTML5 and the iPad (iPhone) and my "Vision" to inspire my students
Would be great if I can use the Storyline-Content within Moodle and make my "Vision" true - at the moment I can't because of the issue I told above.


Dave Mozealous

Hi Christian,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, as a heads up, the issue you are seeing about the Articulate Mobile Player can't access the content is because of how Moodle locks down content...they require browser security credentials to view the content, and Moodle can't pass the security credentials to the App for it to download them.  We explain it a bit in this article on our site:

It looks like the "Learn More" button on that error isn't redirecting to that topic yet, but we should have that fixed in a matter of moments.

I'll look into why the resources link is showing when it shouldn't.  I'll let you know what I find out.


>make sure project is set to send percentage not actual score

Good news, Articulate always sends a percentage score, so you don't have to worry about that on our end.


Dave Mozealous

Hey Chrisitian,

Thanks for the heads up about the Resources issue.  It looks like this is happening because the resources button is selectively shown on the quiz results slide, and we aren't honoring that setting yet in the HTML5 player.  I'll see what we can do about that in future updates to the HTML5 player.