Storyline: Marking course status as "failed" in SCORM Cloud via JS

Mar 01, 2013


We have a need to set the status of a course to either complete or failed, and, due to some unique assessment requirements, we need to do it through a Javascript trigger.  I have successfully been able to have the course status marked as "Complete" in SCORM Cloud using the following Javascript in the trigger:


When I try to set it to failed using the following Javascript through the SCORM Cloud completion status still stays as "Incomplete" (and success as "Unknown").


I was under the impression that you could pass any of the following into that command to change the LMS value: completed; failed; passed; incomplete.

Can anyone please provide me any guidance as to how I can tell SCORM Cloud to mark the course as "failed" specifically...we're under a major time crunch.

Thank you!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sean,

I'm afraid i won't be much help with JavaScript and it's not something Articulate officially supports. If you haven't already, you may want to post this over in the Building Better Courses section as well, for some additional exposure. Hopefully, one of our community JavaScript experts can tell you whether or not this is possible.

Sorry again that I can't help with this. Good luck! Please share any information you find on this, I'm sure others would appreciate it


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