Storyline Maze with question bank engagement

Feb 11, 2017

I built a maze from a template that at every stop point the learner drops their avatar on draws a question randomly from the question bank i created. The maze only has 9 stop points before the maze is complete.

I have two very big issues:

1)The maze will draw the first random question from the question bank for the first stop-point, but then the maze keeps drawing the same question as i move from stop-point to stop-point, from the bank even though I selected Randomly draw from all 20 questions.

2) I set up a variable to change each stop-point on the maze slide as the learner answered the question drawn from the bank correctly, but the states aren't changing. I checked the slide properties and it's set to "Resume to Saved State" and each stop-point has a trigger assigned to change the state when the variable increases by a value of 1 which is attached to a trigger i set up on the Correct slide layer of each question in the question bank.

This is a project that is due for completion on Monday so any guidance or help would be appreciated!


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Dave Cox

Hi Lauren,

You are actually leaving your maze slide everytime you jump to a question. Therefore, you need to change your trigger to update the oval state to when the timeline begins. You also need to add a condition to prevent the state from returning to normal, if the score is above the required number for the oval to show completed.

I only see one question in the question bank, which is why you always get the same question.

I've made the above updates for Oval 2 for you to see.

You might also find it easier to rename the names of the Ovals to something more meaningful. Having meaningful names helps when setting up and troubleshooting the triggers.

Lauren Taylor

Hey Dave! Thanks for that.

I made two question banks because i wanted one question to ALWAYS pull for the first stop point and then the other 8 to pull randomly from the large question bank (19 more questions to choose from). 

Do you think the reason why the second question bank isn't working is because i'm returning to the maze slide after each question? If so, that could definitely put a damper in this game.

Thanks for making adjustments to the story file for visual understanding, I'm going to go work on what you changed now on the actual story file.

Dave Cox

OK, I see your second bank, but it appears that their are many duplicates of the same question. You may need to make them different enough to determine if you are really getting the same question or a different one. 

I'll look a bit further to see what is is actually doing.

I have found that random doesn't work really well in Storyline. In the past, I've gotten around this by using an external javascript random function.

Lauren Taylor

Oh geez, I've never done that before. Eek! I'm going to go google your workaround and figure out if it will work with my companys LMS or not. 

Unfortunately, I had to remove all the company specific content and replace with generic questions before i could load the training here for help, which is why they all look the same. The only reason I know i'm getting the same question is because it actually loads to the "Correct" slide layer for that question i just reviewed. It never seems to pull a different question, no matter what.

Dave Cox

It appears that each time you enter you question bank, the same question is selected by Storyline.

There is a way around this, but it gets a bit complicated, involving arrays, array shuffling, and finally using layers to select the appropriate question slide. I did this successfully with a couple of games that I created, but I would need to look at how I did it to give you the particulars. Let me know if you are interested. If so, I'll pull them out and put something together for you.

Dave Cox

Hi Lauren,

I found a method that I used that will give you your questions at random from your maze. To get Storyline to pull the questions at random, the question must be accessed from a slide from the same scene. This method does not guarantee that it will not present a question that was already presented.

Lauren Taylor

Dave you are AMAZING!!! I ended up duplicating what you did on the actual build but had to also split the questions up into multiple banks of 3 questions per bank but it definitely seems to work much better. Its astounding to me the lack of versatility of the question banks in Storyline. Hopefully Storyline 3 will have an upgraded feature for these.


Thanks again for all your help, you saved me from having to start from scratch!

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