Storyline Media file paths too long = errors trying to import them

It has already been suggested in other threads but if you ever get the attached error message when trying to import a media file, and yesterday you were happily importing identical files from a different folder, it's probably because the path to the file is too long (>255 characters?). To quickly prove this, put a copy of the file in your root folder and try importing it again. Also, Windows 'Media Player' will be able to play it, wherever it is.

The message implies that there's something wrong with the file format, which may be a red herring.


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Phil Mayor

I get this quite often Tim, because some characters are allowed on my Mac and windows does not like them, I agree the message could have additional information such as check the file length and filename as I have in the past redownloaded (don't think that is a word) huge files only to find it was something east to fix