Storyline Menu Items

I've been building a decently-sized Storyline course over the last couple of weeks. There are 79 slides spread out through 9 scenes, many of which don't seem to display in the menu until I manually add them using Player Properties. I've been trying to figure out why certain slides and scenes display in the menu without doing this, and why others don't.

Can someone explain this to me, so I know what to do moving forward? Perhaps there's something I'm doing wrong when I first create the scene/slide?


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Simon Perkins

I've noticed similar re some slides simply not appearing in the side menu.  Other times I experience (linear) slides rearranging themselves too.  All of this can be rectified by tweaking the side menu in the Player.  If problems persist, then click the icon that resets all the slides and start again.   Failing that, create a blank story and import all the slides from the one you're having problems with.