Storyline menus blank or missing items

Jan 22, 2020

Hi all! 

  I've submitted a support ticket but thought I'd ask here as well as I haven't seen any other posts that have this issue.  I have been going around with my IT folks for weeks on this issue and we've hit a wall. Has anyone else ever encountered an issue where Storyline menus have blank items/become unclickable/no hover states/multiple menus come up at one time/ etc ?  We've double checked .Net framework, Flash, Windows patches, uninstalled/reinstalled Storyline 3, all with no lasting impact. It will fix it for a day or maybe a few days but it always comes back. Anyone else experienced similar? how was it fixed? 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Matthew,

Sorry to hear you're running into the same issue! I've opened a support case on your behalf to connect you with a support engineer and help troubleshoot the missing items.

In the meantime, it seems adjusting her display settings is what helped Becky. Take a look at our recommendations and see if that helps you view your menu.

Ren Gomez

Hi Stef,

To confirm, are you running into issues with a blank slide while working in Storyline 360, or are you only experiencing this after publishing the course?

If you see this while editing in Storyline 360, try a quick repair to refresh the software or import your course into a new blank project to see if there are any corrupt elements on the slide.

Our support team would be happy to lend a hand in taking a closer look at your file if you're able to share it.

Share your file with us!

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