Storyline module triggering next event without user interaction

Hi all,

I have just built a mobile html5 only module in SL360. On a number of screens, I have 3-6 buttons which the user needs to select (they display different layers). 

If they try to swipe forward to continue before visiting all of the layers it brings up with gate screen warning layer.

For some reason, this warning layer keeps getting triggered despite the user not swiping. There are no other triggers and the slides are set to advance by user, so I can't seem to figure out why it would be doing this.

Any ideas how I can resolve this issue? 


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Ron Price

Hello Tristan

It could be that your Slide Properties are set to advance automatically, or you have a rogue trigger doing something you did not intend.I

FYI - if you imported the slide from PPT it will be set to auto advance in Slide Properties by default and you need to set that to "By User".

Is this a Slide or a story you can share?


Tristan Hunt

Hi Ron,

I created this module from scratch. None of the slides are set to automatically advance (that was the first thing I checked) and none of them have any triggers (quadruple checked this) that would do this either. 

This affects every slide where I show multiple layers.

On the gate screen, they can select continue (next slide) or go back (hide trigger). The go back will often hide the layer then re-show it. This can happen 3-5 times before it just shows the base layer. 

I have attached a sample of a slide that it is affecting.