Storyline + Moodle not tracking correctly

Hi all,

I have a storyline course in Moodle 2.4 and the learning is marked orange when incomplete and green when complete (as it should). However when i revisit that same learning after completing it, it again marks it as incomplete again. 

After re-visiting a completed tutorial, it should never go back to incomplete?

Could anybody offer any advice on changes to settings in Moodle, or this some sort of bug that wasn't there in previous Moodle versions?

Many thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Osman and welcome to Heroes! 

I am not familiar with the settings within Moodle, but I did want to point you to this blog on troubleshooting common LMS issues and there is some additional discussion in this thread about tracking with Moodle (including a number of Super Heroes), so you may want to post there as well. 

You might want to send a PM to Dan (if he doesn't reply here) as he's a great resource when it comes to Moodle. 

Dan Marsden

when re-entering a completed attempt it's supposed to use "review" mode - but Moodle wasn't always setting review mode correctly - we fixed this in 2.4.7 and 2.5.3 (more info in MDL-37524) - I'm not 100% sure how storyline re-acts when the SCORM is in review mode - hopefully if Moodle passes it correctly then it won't update the completion status (it's up to the SCORM package how it should operate when in review mode)