Storyline & Moodle Reporting

Hello, I am trying to remeber a ssetting on Moodle that makes sure it reports back to the actual datbase when you publish a scorm activity to open in a new window. It was something to so with the appearance settings on Moodle.

Student Skip content structure page (never, first access, always)

Disable preview mode  (yes / no)

Dispaly course structure on entry page (yes, no)


I remember seeing it on a discussion a while back but cant find it again.



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Trevor White-Miller

Hi Michelle, I also publish Storyline SCORM courses to work with Moodle. My client is current on v2.5 although I have a test platform at v2.6 as well. The Appearance settings you stated have to my knowledge nothing to do with reporting although 'Display attempt status' will show some of the information being passed back if turned on.

What settings are you using 'Grade' 'Attempt Management' and 'Activity Completion' ?
In the Reports tab of a course (if you are logged in as the administrator) are you looking at the 'Interaction Report' which will show what is being passed back to the LMS as progress for each learner in that course.

michelle eames

I know it sounds bizarre but it was this solution to report back to the scorm interaction report.  I just have a vague memory of looking at it.  the poster even said it was odd.

Basically in some courses which have been set up in exactly the same way, some are reporting the ticks and some aren't even registering an attempt.

scorm reporttest scorm apperance

Trevor White-Miller

I still can't see how the 'Appearance' settings can affect the tracking.  If you have two courses with the same settings and one works and the other does not it must be either the course files or another part of the Moodle course configuration.

The screen shot is for a multi SCO course, are you having the same issue with single SCO courses? Could be an issue with the multi sco build process.

The first thing to do is to eliminate a problem with the build of the course i.e. not being able to send progress data correctly. I would suggest putting your course up on SCORM Cloud and seeing if you get the same issue.