Storyline - Moving Forward - Preloader?

Aug 22, 2012

My entire company is looking for a great HTML5 tool that suits most of our criteria (we are coming from Flash e-learning with animation). I've been testing Storyline out for a while now and it's currently in the top 5 programs to choose and move forward with the entire company and production.

Problem is, we only care about HTML5 - and we all know by now how much of a @#*$&%$ Safari is, limiting most of Storyline's great Flash stuff. Mobile Presenter is not an option for us because LMS is a mandatory requirement by most of our clients.

Anyway, I gave Storyline another look when I realized I could hide almost the entire player and make one myself. It's going great and has caught up to Adobe Captivate's potential, maybe even more soon, I'm loving it so far.

The MAIN thing I'm going to have trouble with selling this, is jumping from page to page in HTML5. When hitting the Next button, you can tell something is working, because the seekbar stops. If I wait 2-5 seconds, the next page will load up no fail. The only thing about this issue is that clients aren't patient, and 90% of the time you don't see the Preloader circle Safari wheel, so you think "Oh shit, it didn't catch my tap."  *tap again*  "Come on!" *tap again* "Oh, now it advanced me 3 pages."

Is creating a Preloader icon or graphic or a simple "Loading..." possible to do manually by triggers? Or is this something we need to be ....patient about...because it's something about Mobile Safari being a jerk again?

Thanks a lot for your time, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

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