Storyline - multiple variables in one text box/ scrolling text box

May 12, 2013

Hi There,

Just wondering if it is possible to have multiple variables (5) in one text box. As I wont know the quantity of text the students will enter into each textentry box, I will need to make it a scrolling text box as well.

This first image below is a layer from a slide with a text entry box for students to enter notes. Each layer has a text entry box for notes on the specific topic. The second is a slide right at the end of the course that I want to have all these text entries showing under the related heading.

At the moment this later slide is not picking up and displaying the information from the text entries - I have tried it while in Articulate in a 'preview entire scene' and also tried after publishing the scene as an LMS Scorm up to our  Moodle platform 1.9.x.


1. Is it possible to have multiple variables in the same text box along with headings? or do I need to make separate text boxes for each variable?

2. Can I use a scrolling text box(es) for this?

3. Can I make the textentry text boxes scrolling so that students can enter as much information as they like?

4. Is it going to be possible for students to select, copy and paste the information from the second slide (e.g. into microsoft word )?

5. If I am unable to use scrolling textboxes for either the first text entry or the variable display on the next slide, do I have to put the printed variables/ references on different layers?

I sound like Im confusing myself! Look forward to some help with this in the short term!

Thank you!

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