Storyline Narration

I have a slide in Storyline where I have introduction narration and then the user is required to click on multiple icons on the screen.  When they click on an icon it triggers narration. The issue I am having is that if you do not let the narration fully finish and you click on another icon both narrations play at the same time.  Is there any trigger (or other feature) that stops two narrations from playing at one time? 

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Heather Bonarek

I have 6 audio files total for this slide.  I created 5 layers (one of the narrations is just an intro to the slide so that is working fine) and put the audio files each on their own layer.  They are still playing over top of each other if i click on a new trigger before the narration is complete. Any other suggests on what I can do to make the audio files not play over top of each other?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Heather!

Thanks for allowing me to take a peek at your file! You'll want to make a small change to the slide layer properties of each layer.

Each layer should have both Hide other slide layers and Pause timeline of base layer enabled. This will ensure that the audio doesn't overlap when the learner opens a new layer before an audio clip has finished playing.