Storyline not passing completion status to Moodle

Hi, I have a 4 storyline modules (published as scorm 1.2 and reporting complete/incomplete when x number of slides are viewed.  They have been uploaded to Moodle 2.2.3 as activities - each of these 4  scorm activities has to be completed before the course is marked as complete.

The problem is that Moodle is not recognizing when the storyline modules are complete. When I go in and complete a module it still says 0 of 4 completed.

I have uploaded and tested on Scorm Cloud and they are working correctly there.

I am not sure why this is not working in my client's Moodle site.

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Stephan Sinka

Claire GAILLARD said:

Good morning,

I've the same problem as Nancy.

I'm in Moodle 2.4 but Moodle doesn't recognize when a module is complete.

I tried to set the grading method to "Learning object" but it still doesn't work...

Would you have a solution?

I'm sorry I didn't understand the grade book' tips...

I'm reading this a bit late but have a similiar question specific to Storyline Publishing and Moodle recognition.

I have 7 individual scene's in Storyline course. 4 of the Scenes have Quizzes.When published as a SCORM Pckge ( tried tracking using quizz results & Track using # of slides viewed) and uploaded to Moodle 2.4 the Course shows as a single Module.

I've set Moodle to "Display course structure on entry" as well as in the player but to no availe. Can any one help?

THanks in advance!


Tina Marie Lalonde

Phil Mayor said:

Under grades you need to set a grade for your course, for learning objects this must me a 1 or a 0

1= Completed

0=viewed but not completed

- = not attempted


I've defined a custom grade scale within Moodle's, but since I've defined "learning object" within the scorm activity I had to play around within the gradebook.  I'm not quite happy with the final result.  

Is this how you have setup your custom grading system ?  I seem to be missing something.

Thank you for your help !

Tina Marie

David Kettle

I have this problem, I'm tracking SCORM activity completion in Moodle 2.5.2 using the Activity Completion - Require status - Completed option.

This works no problem with SCORM packages produced by Storyline 1, the storyline production setting are Scorm reporting is set to Complete/Incomplete and the tracking is set to number of slides.

Users view all the slides and Moodle tracks the activity as completed.

However when they are produced in Storyline 2, the same settings do not work.

I tried changing the Grading Method to Learning Objects, withActivity Completion - Require status - Completedselected for Moodle completion, this does not work (I didn't try changing the gradebook), howeverwithActivity Completion - Require grade -Student must receive a grade to complete this activity selected it did track the completion.

The attempt status (available from the Moodle Scorm activity - Appearance setting) shows 0 is returned when they have not viewed all the slides and 1 is returned when they have.

Using theActivity Completion - Require grade I didn't need to change anything in the gradebook.

This isn't my preferred solution as it's so unintuitive to get working :-( plus, I've already got activities tracking viaActivity Completion - Require status - Completed which I want to make edits to (minor text changes), changing the tracking would delete existing completions :-(

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not familiar with Moodle's set up and how you'd need to publish/set up tracking within your course - but I did want to offer that you may want to view the LMS troubleshooting steps here and see how this is behaving in SCORM Cloud using the standard options you previously used. 

Also, have you reached out to Moodle at all? I believe the newest version of Moodle is 2.7, so you may want to look at upgrading that as well. 

David Kettle

Thanks Ashley,

I submitted a ticket (I've got Platinum support) with three project .story and output .zip files of an example produced in Storyline 1, a copy which was updated using Storyline 2 and an example produced entirely in Storyline 2.

They are set to report Completed/Incomplete and to track based on slides viewed.

I've received a reply which says:

We were able to duplicate the issue you reported.

Checking the debuglog of Storyline 2, it seems the course is being tracked as cmi.core.lesson_status = Passed instead of Completed.

Unfortunately, we were unable to determine a workaround. We have reported this issue to our Quality Assurance team for their review.

I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be addressed. However I will update you if I get any information on this.

So it looks like this is a bug.

I've tried changing the Moodle tracking to use 'Passed' instead of 'Completed'.

Changed to

This looks like it's successfully tracking Activity Completion in Moodle with the examples produced using Storyline 2set to report Completed/Incomplete and to track based on slides viewed.

As long as we're aware that changing Moodle completion after the activity has been used wipes existing records it should be ok to use.(Should only be a problem if the activity needs changing in the future.)

For me, I do have activities which users have already completed which I don't want to lose the records for.I'll have to either archive the original activities (so I don't lose the records) and start again or try using Storyline 1 to update them (about 4-5 days of repeat work as I'd already done this using Storyline 2), but it's good to know for certain what options there are and why there was a problem.

Stefano Posti

Hey Nancy, David, a few quick tips:

Whatever you're publishing (Articulate Studio 09/13/Storyline1/2 courses) use the Passed/Incomplete tracking option with Moodle.

2. When you set up your Moodle Activity, set the "Force Completion" parameter to "YES" for better compatibility and stability.

Then, if you use Moodle conditional activities,  OR you use the Require Status PASSED Option, OR you can use the Require Grade option (and you set the minimum score consistently with your course quizmaker setting...); if you choose the "Learning Object " parameter of the Scorm activity, the scores are 1 (Passed) or 0 (Incomplete).

In any case, you should publish your course by tracking in LMS with a final Quiz Result Slide, rather than with "per slides view"... in moodle, doesn'nt seem to work that well.

Hope it helps. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing that here and I added the information to the existing report filed with our QA team so that they're aware of other elements that may be impacting the course completion.

Stefano, thanks for the Moodle wisdom as well. I'm sure that'll help other users who run across this thread too. 

Dan Marsden

question for you, I've often thought we should just make the completed/passed status in those Moodle completion settings under "require status" just a single checkbox instead of needing to check both or knowledge on which options your SCORM is using - does anyone have any reasons why we should leave it as 2 checkboxes?

Jennifer Dixey

Hi Stefano, thanks for your clear advice on this.

Do you have any ideas for how to use the quiz result option when there is no quiz within the SCORM? I thought I remembered that a single-question quiz was recommended somewhere on Heroes -- maybe something like a quiz with one question and an "OK" button as the only/correct answer, so if a student made it all the way to the final/quiz slide and clicked "OK" in response to the "question" (something like "This is the end of the presentation. Please close the window to return to your course."), then they would be marked as  having "passed" the quiz/SCORM with a 100% score.

The way I've used slide # tracking from Storyline 2 (successfully so far), with even a one-slide SCORM with no way to track completion internally, was to add an extra slide at the end that served much the same function. Basically a pre-"goodbye" goodbye slide. Then the student would have to close the window, but they would have reached the final slide (in the case of a 1-slide SCORM, slide 2), so it would be tracked as having been completed. (I also made a matching goodbye.html so that the experience would be a little bit smoother).

But I do think the quiz option is cleaner, especially as it doesn't require modifying the completion tracking settings if the structure of the SCORM changes.

Deepak G

Hello All,

I am facing the same problem. 

I am using Articulate Storyline 2 and Moodle.

Attached are the settings for the scorm package as well as the Moodle completion status, but still the LMS is not showing it complete.

I tried the JS option as well. Still not working.

Please help.

Sally Diab

Hi Phil,

I am also having the same issue of my Storyline SCORM package not showing as completed in Moodle 3.6.  I am unable to play with the scoring if is set up to grade as Learning Object. My ability to change the score is disabled. I do the course and complete it and it still shows as incomplete.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sally. I'm unfamiliar with that version of Moodle. Would you be able to test your course in SCORM Cloud to make sure the completion is being passed properly on the course end? I want to make sure we rule out any Storyline issues.

If anybody has Moodle advice for Sally, please chime in!