Storyline not recording score in an LMS via iPad in HTML5


We are currently testing some of our content for a client project and we have found issues recording the score in an LMS when the storyline content is viewed on iPad using HTML5 version.

Here's the summary of what we are doing

1) Crated a short course containing few slides and  a quiz with 3 graded questions

2) Publish the Storyline content for LMS - Including HTML5

3) Use iPad to run the course from LMS (Totara & custom)

4) When quiz is completed the score is always 0% even though we have answered all 3 questions correctly.

This issue is only happening when taking the quiz on iPad using HTML5 version. When taking the same quiz on PC (flash version) everything is recorded correctly.

We think this is a bug with HTML5 publishing we will appreciate any help from Articulate support. 

Please advise.


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Mike Enders

Thanks Ganesh,

In the meantime, I came across this post by Justin who provides some resources to get you started:

Have you tried testing your course on SCORM-Cloud?  This is a great first step to see if the issue is with the course, or with your LMS (Totara).   If it works on SCORM-Cloud, then it would point to the LMS as the issue...and may be something you'd have to contact them about.