Storyline not returning to where the user left off.

I created a storyline project and when the user clicks the "Save & Exit" button  at any point after completing the "Boost a Job" module in the USA version, the user is always brought back to the 3rd question in that module's quiz and none of their further progress is saved. This is happening on SCORM Cloud's player. This may be directly associated with SCORM Cloud, but I don't have another LMS to test in.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Christopher Lawrence

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

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Christopher Lawrence

Thanks for everyones help! Changing the SCORM version helped for the most part, but some users are still having issues with the Save & Exit button.  

Seems that when users complete modules it’s not saving their progress efficiently or correctly. From a colleague: I completed the first 5 modules in order, saved & exited. Upon resuming course, i was brought back to the last question in boosting jobs. This behavior repeated 3 times (brought back to Question 3 from the Boosting A Job video - lost 2 modules of work) From me: If trying to Save & Exit later in the course, (mod 11 or 12) - the course is looping users back to Mod 10, the same as it’s doing for Mod 3 (for any progress in mod 3-9)


Any thoughts?